Adam, Tim, Ian, & Caryn on the PBR stage at Ogden’s Lighthouse Lounge.
(Photo by Deann @ The Ogdenite)

Here’s a calendar of confirmed upcoming shows, along with posts with specific details for gigs we have coming up. Click on any event for details, and use the “look for more” link to see into the future. You can find more updates on the blog and on social media outlets like our Facebook page. You can also subscribe to these blog posts and our newsletter.

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gig news

  • Summertime Sample

    So, we had our first public gig. And it was really, really fun. Friends and family were there, and we made some new friends during and after the sets. Cuppa, by the way, is fabulous, encouraging, and delicious. We’ll be back. Here’s a sample of some of what we were able to create in that fantastic…

  • a gig

    Frankly, we’ll play and have a great time whether you’re there or not. But you should go, sip some tea and snack on vegan pastries. We’ll play our full set, and maybe more. Friday, August 3, 7-9p at Cuppa, 552 E 25th St, Ogden.

  • bios

    Caryn Caryn is our vocalist and band organizer/hassler. She has a long history music, from singing along to Disney movies as a toddler and making home videos of 90s girl pop covers, to years in school and extracurricular choirs. She fell in love with jazz in high school and, while she took a bit of…

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