gratitude for music

No big gigs or Black Friday rushes for us this weekend. We’ll be rehearsing in Tim’s basement, prepping new music and conspiring on a project.

We’re grateful for good music. Listening back on a few recordings is a good reminder. For example, here’s a recording we remixed from a Van Session a few months ago:

It’s fun to hear this again and listen to the interplay between the four filling in around one another. Also, listening to our studio recording of this, you get to hear how a song evolves. The studio version might even sound too fast now.

Here’s another that we’d kind of rehearsed and then later just threw into the mix of a set while the red light was on. You can hear us figuring it out as we go, with Caryn saying “I think there’s a downbeat” to start, and later suggesting we make up an instrumental.

We’ve worked on this one some more since this recording, and it’s completely different now. It’s fun to document something as it “grows up”. If we ever record this one in the studio, we think it’s going to take on a whole new feel.

Anyway, just sharing a few things as we take a breath and consider how fun it is to get to make music the way we like it. There’s more to come.

Hell Yes!

Looking forward to the weekend? Us, too. We have our first visit to The Yes Hell on Saturday night (10/8/22), 9:00-Midnight (free, 21+). We’ve been excited for this even before we had it on the calendar. Chill vibe, good libations, and a stage right there in the window.

Hope to see you there!

light(house) at the end of the week

It’s a good week for S&S music.

First, we’re so delighted with what Van Sessions captured and released as individual tracks and videos of our live performance with them at The Monarch at the beginning of the month. Take a look and play these on repeat at our music page or directly at this YouTube playlist, and then tune in as the full episode of that live podcast recording goes live on Friday.

And THEN, come see us live, in person, for multiple hours, late into the night, at Lighthouse Lounge in Ogden on Saturday (9/24/22) from 9:00p to Midnight ($5, 21+). Past our bedtime but worth it.

back in the saddle … with a leg propped up

Sure, Caryn’s got a broken leg and is recovering from surgery. And sure, we haven’t been able to rehearse as she’s been recovering. And yes, we’re all starting back with school this week. But we’re trying to make sure this doesn’t hold us back too much from great gigs we have lined up.

We’re scheduled to be back on stage (though Diva will probably be at ground level — safety first!) at Ogden Farmer’s Market, 25th & Lincoln, Saturday, August 27th, 11:30a. Come to see how things go when we’re in complete disarray and playing without a rehearsal.

We’re actually really looking forward to it.

Scanning ahead, here’s a preview of other gigs to come:

“Break a leg!”

We have an important update: Caryn just literally broke a leg on Sunday. While we’re waiting for her next steps (ha ha!) and potential surgery, we’ve canceled our gigs at North Ogden and Jazz at the Station this week. We’re hoping to come back to both of these in the near future, though.

One bit of good news, though: The Proper Way is filling our 7:30 slot tonight (Monday, 8/8) at Barker Park, North Ogden’s amphitheater. Should be a great show, and we’ll bring our lawn chairs and enjoy the music from the other side of the stage.

Updates to follow! We’re hoping that Caryn will be back on stage soon, safely perched on her stool. We’re still looking forward to Farmers Market in Ogden (8/27) and subsequent gigs.