“Break a leg!”

We have an important update: Caryn just literally broke a leg on Sunday. While we’re waiting for her next steps (ha ha!) and potential surgery, we’ve canceled our gigs at North Ogden and Jazz at the Station this week. We’re hoping to come back to both of these in the near future, though.

One bit of good news, though: The Proper Way is filling our 7:30 slot tonight (Monday, 8/8) at Barker Park, North Ogden’s amphitheater. Should be a great show, and we’ll bring our lawn chairs and enjoy the music from the other side of the stage.

Updates to follow! We’re hoping that Caryn will be back on stage soon, safely perched on her stool. We’re still looking forward to Farmers Market in Ogden (8/27) and subsequent gigs.

August shows

We had a great time in July, playing the Layton Amphitheater for the Davis Arts Sunday concert series, a couple of private events, and a full patio at UTOG.

In our natural habitat. (Photo credit: Karyn Johnston)
Come Together sample, live at UTOG

Summer has one last gasp of shows including:

And, practically in August, look forward to Van Sessions on Friday, Sept. 2.

And, you really ought to look into tickets for Ogden Nature Center’s Wildwoods Bash on Sept. 9 before they sell out, since it’s a really good cause and a great time AND your favorite band is playing. (No, NOT The Proper Way! It’s us!!)

Check out our gigs calendar for all the latest.

mark your calendars!

Our summer has ramped up and we’re hitting an especially busy few weeks, including our big amphitheater shows that are free and all-ages! This includes:

And then there’s other stuff in September when we hope it gets cooler, including Van Sessions, Monarch Market, and Lighthouse Lounge! Stay tuned here and tune in to the gigs calendar to see what’s coming up.

Over the past months, we’ve had a couple private performances for celebrations of all sorts, as well as a full patio at UTOG where we tested out more live recording, like this:

And Caryn and Adam went underground last week for this Ogdenite Speakeasy celebration of art, music, and poetry:

Captured by Just James. See all these amazing photos here.

Hope to see you out on the town this month! Let us know if you’ve got other places you want to see us — preferably shady backyards and patios!

Lighthouse Lounge on Saturday night

The Snarlin’ Yarns plays at The Yes Hell on Saturday night, too. We love them!

We’re excited to return to the stage at Lighthouse Lounge this weekend! It’s the usual: 21-and-over, $5 cover, 9:00 – midnight on Saturday.

But it’s also the unusual: It’s been a long while since we’ve played a Saturday night show, and this is our ramp-up for our summer.

And, it’s my (Adam) birthday this week, and when the band asked what I wanted to do to celebrate 50 years, I said I just wanted to play piano and maybe have a beer in downtown Ogden–in other words, living the dream. Caryn got this on our schedule and the band made my dream come true. They also let me make up the whole setlist!*

We’d love to see you, this weekend or later this summer, late at night or the middle of the day. There’s more to come — including Tim’s birthday next month.

*That’s a funny band joke. I do all the setlists. It maintains my place in the band.

summer anticipation

“Glissando” doesn’t sound like it should hurt so much.

We can’t tell you just how excited we are about summer. Adam’s practicing so hard he hurt himself on the keys. But it’s worth it: We’re getting ready for fun gigs that are lining up for the next few months.

We wanted to share some of this and our excitement, reaching all the way out into September when we play at Ogden Nature Center’s Wildwoods Bash on Sept. 9, as well as Van Sessions the week before, Sept. 2.

On this side of summer season, we’re returning to Lighthouse Lounge on May 14 and UTOG on June 21.

And in the middle of it all, we get to play two amphitheaters for free public shows, July 24 for Davis Arts at the Layton Amphitheater and August 8 for North Ogden’s Music Mondays at their amphitheater. Our contracts for those shows includes terms like “headlining” and “green room” and even a grand piano on the Davis stage. We also get to play Ogden’s Farmers Market on August 27–no green room or grand piano, but festive all the same.

And there’s other stuff, private events and stuff yet to be confirmed and things we’re scheming. Keep up with our gig calendar and we’ll post announcements here as well. For now, we hope you can join us at Lighthouse in a few weeks as a preview to summer and lots more music to come. After a rough winter, we’re really looking forward to it!