Playing live music is our very most favorite thing. But, we’ve also spent a couple Saturday afternoons in The Proper Way Studios with Scott Rogers, who recorded us live and put all our sounds into the wires and boxes. Now you can take us with you on streaming services, like:

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Or download from our store
or (best of all) drop in on one of our gigs and buy an old fashioned CD.

Here’s the liner notes for a little more background, song credits, and interesting tidbits alongside a music player so you can follow along as you read.


Live recordings captured by the good people at The Banyan Collective during our Van Session. We love what they do and are happy to support them.

Just The Two of Us

Recorded as a sound check at Van Sessions. We snuck this one into the set as an extra.


We invited The Cure into a jazz club. Like our other pandemic demos, we recorded our tracks separate from each other and sandwiched it all together.

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Our first “pandemic demo.” This tune from Duke Ellington felt like a good fit, as well as a fun challenge to record when we were all under different roofs.

I Only Ever Loved Your Ghost

It’s still better to play this live, but we had fun with the mix of this. It’s also easier to hear in your own earbuds than when this song is competing with the din of a crowded bar.

People Get Ready (unplugged)

This is the first mic-check that we did before any of our studio recordings, virtually unplugged, just Caryn at the microphone and Adam at the piano. It’s better when we’re all there and with an audience, but it’s fun to play with the range this song affords, and fun to have this just get created there on the spot.
Caryn in studio. She’s usually in heels for live gigs. (Photo credit: Scott Rogers)