If you want to pick up a CD from us, we’ll happily sell you one at a gig, or drop in at Lavender Vinyl on 25th St in Ogden where they’ll sell our music and lots of other good local stuff. You can also visit our Bandcamp store to purchase and download our music, as well as stream on all the usual streaming services if that’s your thing.

Want us to send you a CD? Drop us a line and we’ll figure out an easy exchange and put it in the mail.

More samples and demos are on our music page. Take a look!


We’ve got a great collection of gear here on Threadless! Check out shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, and other great stuff with our custom designs based on bandmembers and our hypothetical crew of roadies!

Formal Attire: Black & White
Our classic black logo featuring bass strings, piano keys, drums, and mic upon white for all of your formal attire needs. Also good for barbecues and house cleaning; and, as a special bonus, available on accessories such as stickers, magnets, cases, and bags.

The Diva
Simultaneously show your Pride support and your inner diva with this colorful spectrum that says “I’m worth the wait.” Helps you stand out in a crowd, or simply stand out in front of your fellow band members. It’s clear that the audience is here for you and the rainbow that projects from within for all to see.

The Brooding Bass
Want to emulate the deep overtones and low notes of your favorite bass player? Check out these subtle gray icons on black fabric. Just like how so few people notice the bass line, only those who are really paying attention will notice the iconic graphic on your shirt.

The Plinky Piano
Not as mysterious as a bass player but still don’t like to step out in front of the keyboard? Trying to break out of your goth past but not quite ready for too much saturation? Join our keyboardist with this shade of blue that only looks like a color when standing next to the bass player.

The Dependable Drummer
What’s more dependable than Ian’s hi-hat on the 2 and the 4? That’s a rhetorical question. If anything could come close it might be this easygoing collection of charcoal on gray, ready for anything and completely unflappable. If any t-shirt could say “no worries,” it would be this one.

The Roadie Collection
Want to carry our stuff? Wish you could say “I’m with the band”? Just wear these one-of-a-kind pieces and we’ll be happy to let you do both. Features a full logo on the back of zip-up sweatshirts. Other shirts have options including a subtle icon in the spot where you pocket protector would go if you had a pocket. (And, seriously, if you could pick up that amp and just haul it up on stage for us, that would be great.)