Lavender support

In these days of pandemic and physical distancing, we’re all figuring out how to cope. For us as a band this is hard, since playing together and with live audiences opens the valve on good juices in our veins that make things better. We’re making the best of it — and we’ll share anything we come up with to try to add to the common good.

Until those better days yet to come, we want to promote the greater good and taking care of one another on local levels. Here’s our own first attempt:

We’re donating all proceeds from purchased downloads in March to support Lavender Vinyl here in Ogden. They’re a community centered small business that supports local music, including by carrying our own CDs on their rack. (If you happen to buy our CD directly from them, we’ll donate our own portion back to them as well.)

So now’s a time to buy our music and feel especially good about it. The best way to do this is here on BandCamp where you can get files in multiple formats. BandCamp reports our proceeds much sooner than other outlets and you can tip whatever you’d like on their site, which we’ll also pass on to Lavender. In addition, BandCamp is waiving all of their own profits and passing them along to us on this Friday, March 20. So all of the money you put into BandCamp on Friday will go directly to musicians, and S&S will pass this all on to Lavender Vinyl. (But other days are good, too. Don’t hold back.)

We’d encourage you to poke around BandCamp and find other bands you’d like to support right now. You get music, and independent musicians get support at a time when they aren’t getting gigs and not getting paid.*

Besides getting our stuff on BandCamp, you can also buy downloads on:

If you’re so inclined, you should also visit Lavender Vinyl online or in person if you can. They’ve got great stuff all around, from brand new t-shirts to vintage vinyl records.

Take care of yourselves and one another. We’re looking for more ways to connect with one another, with you, and the local community, especially right now. We’ll reach out with more.

*Quick note about music buying: If you regularly stream music (and who doesn’t?) these days, you should know that the artist is getting a very small amount of money for those streams, something like one penny for every ten streams. The best way to support an independent artist is by going to shows (when you can) and buying their stuff directly. An artist will likely pocket 100x more from your purchased download than from your streaming of their stuff.

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