feeling good

Almost exactly a year after our last big performance, we’ve starting coming out of hibernation. We pretended it was warm enough to rehearse on Tim’s patio. We worked on new stuff for the summer, including for an upcoming wedding. We’re hopeful about the prospects of vaccinations and outdoor gigs. And, frankly, just being able to setup in a familiar space felt good from the moment we sat down and plugged in.

Even as we were starting to freeze in the wind and cold on Friday evening, we wanted to play just one more song for no particular reason. And, for all the reasons. We were feeling good.

Trying to keep warm in the last hints of sunlight as the wind picks up. The camera battery died in protest to end this clip.

album release anniversary

A year ago we released an album and had a celebratory live gig at Lighthouse. That was a really, really good time.

We’ll be back out there someday. But right now we really, really miss making music in our natural habitat, the closed-in, cramped spaces of basements and studios, stages and bars.

(A song about missing things, just for the occasion.)

It so happens that we just changed our distributor for the album as we approached the one-year anniversary, so all the tracks got re-launched into your music streaming orbitals, though you probably don’t notice at all. (It’s like getting a new timing belt on your car–you know it must be working better but the car still runs the same as far as you can tell.) If you can’t find something, we’ve updated the links on our music page. You can just imagine everything with a fresh new scent, cobwebs and such all dusted off. Feel free to give them a few extra plays to make them feel loved. Better yet, download the music for keeps or drop me a line and I can send you a real-life CD.

jazz at the station, pandemic edition

We don’t get around much anymore, as the song goes, and live performances and live audiences are in short supply. But one silver lining to a pandemic is that we sometimes deliver music straight into your home through wires. Jazz at the Station was good enough to host us for a socially distanced performance for their monthly session at Ogden’s Union Station.

On stage in a nearly empty ballroom at Ogden's Union Station.
Performing on the stage of a nearly empty ballroom at Ogden’s Union Station. (Photo credit: Karyn Johnston)

For us, the best part of it all was that we had this moment to get dressed up and play from a stage for an hour, albeit without a physical audience. It was a nice chance to feel like ourselves. While it’s not the same as being there, it was recorded for the public record.

Someday, one day, we’ll see you in person again. We’re looking forward to that.

sausage sampler

When we’re working out new songs the process can be just as entertaining as the finished product. It was fun to find and edit snippets here that showed how songs could start out as rhythms or melody lines and just run away from there. And it’s fun to see the comedy that initiates some rehearsal pieces and the fun that ensues.

change is gonna come

We don’t have a lot of places to play these days, especially since we want to make sure we keep social distance and only play outside. The good news is that Tim has a patio where there’s shade and a nice breeze. This has been a great way to get together and work on things, new and old. It’s amazing how much easier and more fun this is when we’re all together.

Occasionally we put stuff on our YouTube channel. Mostly, this is just Adam playing around with video editing, anticipating how to run classes in the fall. But it’s also fun to collect the video and have some record of what we’re working on and where we left off.

Most recently, we just felt the need to work on this. Caryn borrowed from Aretha Franklin who’d borrowed from Sam Cooke. It felt right for the moment, a long time coming, and one that will need to extend for a while to come. And we’ll keep playing it. Someday, we hope to play it for you in person.