hello, Huntsville!

We’ll see people out in the world again this Saturday, January 28th, from 4-7pm at Compass Rose Lodge for their Apres Ski Series. It’s outside, but surrounded by fire pits and the warmth of our music. Get a snack and some hot chocolate and you’ll have a great time.

And we’ll have copies of our new live EP as well!

  • More upcoming:
    • Jan 28th, Compass Rose, 4-7p
    • Feb 11th, Lighthouse Lounge, 9-midnight
    • Feb 25th, Compass Rose, 4-7p
    • March 25th, Gandy Dancer, 6-8p

happy new year!

Okay, so we’re a little late. But here’s the first thing we played together in weeks, live from the Gandy Dancer stage. We probably hadn’t played this in a couple years, so it was kind of a leap of faith to start with this, two weeks after the new year.

from the Gandy Dancer, 14 January 2023

We’ll see people again out in the world on Saturday, January 28th, from 4-7pm at Compass Rose Lodge for their Apres Ski Series.

back on stage

It’s been a minute, but we’re heading back out onto the stage! We’re really looking forward to playing at the Gandy Dancer in Ogden for the first time this Saturday night, January 14, from 6 – 8 PM. The show is free for all ages, supplemented by hot dogs, soup, and ice cream. Great bistro seating up front, or big comfy chairs to hang out in the back.

Also, this is the public debut of real CDs of our new EP, Videos of Us in Handcuffs. We’ll sign them! Or not. Whatever you want.

videos of us in handcuffs

We’ve been keeping this under wraps, but we’re pretty excited to see that it’s now coming out into all your streaming platforms. Introducing:

Videos of Us in Handcuffs

Album art by Leslie Hetland — isn’t it spectacular?!
Title inspired by Ian’s musing that he wanted us to get arrested during a gig.
(Listen to the last track of the EP to hear his daydream while drumming.)

We’ve put together the track list and commentary on our “liner notes” page, but probably you should just listen in on your favorite streaming platform. And listen often: We get about one-tenth of a cent for each of your streams. Go crazy.

Better yet, come visit us and pick up a real CD at a future gig in the new year! We’ve got some shows coming up and we’ll even play all of these songs and many, many more. For now, we’re just really excited that we were able to press the record button, mix our own sounds, and distribute them into your car stereos, earbuds, and living rooms. Enjoy!

gratitude for music

No big gigs or Black Friday rushes for us this weekend. We’ll be rehearsing in Tim’s basement, prepping new music and conspiring on a project.

We’re grateful for good music. Listening back on a few recordings is a good reminder. For example, here’s a recording we remixed from a Van Session a few months ago:

It’s fun to hear this again and listen to the interplay between the four filling in around one another. Also, listening to our studio recording of this, you get to hear how a song evolves. The studio version might even sound too fast now.

Here’s another that we’d kind of rehearsed and then later just threw into the mix of a set while the red light was on. You can hear us figuring it out as we go, with Caryn saying “I think there’s a downbeat” to start, and later suggesting we make up an instrumental.

We’ve worked on this one some more since this recording, and it’s completely different now. It’s fun to document something as it “grows up”. If we ever record this one in the studio, we think it’s going to take on a whole new feel.

Anyway, just sharing a few things as we take a breath and consider how fun it is to get to make music the way we like it. There’s more to come.