sing to prevent disease

We know there’s legitimate caution about coming out to public gatherings and shows while everyone is concerned about disease spread and public health. Certainly, some people may stay home more often and people should be mindful about how they’re interacting with one another. Social distancing and waving instead of hugging and hand-shaking are perfectly good ideas.

But, also, most especially, hand washing. The key ingredients include soap, water, and 20 seconds of scrubbing. But how do you keep track of the time you’re washing your hands? People suggest different songs to time your good hygiene, but here in the corporate offices of S&S we recommend the bridge of Sing, starting at about 1:20 on this track:

Just sing along to the “la la la la la, la la la la la la, la la la la la la la” line (you can’t say you don’t know the words!) three times at our tempo for plenty of washing thoroughness. Twice through will work if you’re singing it a little slower. We don’t care exactly how you do it, but we’re happy to help.

We’ll teach you the song at upcoming gigs as a public service, and we’ll listen to hear all of you putting this to good use in the restrooms. As the song goes, “Sing out loud, sing out strong.”

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