little and big

We have gigs coming up in the coming days, all ages and free for everyone:

Cuppa: Saturday, March 7, 4-6p
This is the creatively conscious coffee/treat/food hangout with a lovely second-floor corner that has just the right space for game tables, couches, and a grand piano. Perfect little spot for an easy dinner or a snack before a bigger night out. We like trying out new stuff in this space, especially things that are good for the close quarters and ambience.

Jazz at the Station: Wednesday, March 11, 7-8p
This is our contribution to the monthly offering of jazz in a voluminous old train station. We love this place because you can hear the sounds of music resonate in the space. Sometimes the music sits in the rafters for a few moments before coming back to you; and maybe if you listen closely you’ll hear Joe McQueen’s sax still playing or footsteps of travelers from decades ago, maybe an old train whistle. It’s a nice place to just sit back and listen for an hour, no matter who’s playing.

While March has a couple of free public shows, April has a string of private gigs; and then May will feature a combination of all kinds of stuff, public and private, early and late, free and not-so-free. The calendar is starting to fill up. We’ll keep you posted here and in our newsletter and on social media channels. As always, let us know if you have something in mind.

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