reports & rehearsal

We’ve been able to lay low for a few weeks, just settling into the new year. Besides having a new recording out, we’ve also each been tangling with new projects, jobs and babies, tasks and such. We played a secret gig for families at Cuppa right after Christmas, but mostly we’ve been hiding out.

It’s fun, though, to see that even when you can’t see us, people are still hearing us on multiple platforms. Take for example this report we just got that explained how we earned $1.01 from Apple Music streaming:

The spoils of all our recording work on Apple Music for December 2019.

Of course, the point of the recording wasn’t to make a lot of money. We’re pretty happy when you pay a $5 cover — like at our upcoming gig at Lighthouse this Saturday, Feb. 1, 9PM – Midnight. We’ll bring real CDs, too, and we’ll even sign them; but definitely the best way to hear us is live.

Now that we’re ramping back up for gigs, we’ve been rehearsing new stuff, invading Tim’s home to take over his basement and hash things out. This means that a lot of what we’re doing is not just playing to our heart’s content, but talking about everything from who leads us in to what’s the tempo to “is that the right chord?” to how to transition into the bridge to how to cue the ending . . . For a group of four people who just wanted to get together to play music, it ends up being a lot of thinking and working.

But this just means that at our next rehearsal we get to really try the new stuff out and get it polished for performances this weekend and beyond. A playful jazz classic, an unexpected cover of a rock icon, a civil rights era standard, a remade feminist anthem, and more new stuff are all on the set list. We’re excited to see what happens; and we hope you’ll be there to see and hear it on Saturday night.

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