acclaim, local and international

We’re trying not to let it go to our heads. You know, now that we’ve recorded an album that our families all want as Christmas gifts, and that has found sales far and wide. In fact, we’ve gone international already:

Locations of paid downloads on our BandCamp site. The astute map reader will note that these downloads have come from two different countries.

We’ve even sent a few CDs across state lines. Yet, it’s just as exciting to see our CDs on the shelves of our local record store, Lavender Vinyl. In case you’re looking for a copy and can’t find us in person, this is a great solution to all your holiday shopping needs. (And we love Lavender Vinyl, even if they didn’t carry our CDs. I just picked up an old Fats Domino record along with a classic Stevie Wonder album I’ve been wanting.)

And if you page through the local Indie Ogden magazine, holiday edition, you’ll find us right there with all the other bands on the scene:

Our mark in the December gig lineup for Ogden.

So, it could all go to our heads, all the fame and attention. But we don’t pay too much attention. We’re getting ready to play our favorite consignment store in Brigham City this Friday night. Hope to see you there.

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