Lighthouse Lounge on Saturday night

The Snarlin’ Yarns plays at The Yes Hell on Saturday night, too. We love them!

We’re excited to return to the stage at Lighthouse Lounge this weekend! It’s the usual: 21-and-over, $5 cover, 9:00 – midnight on Saturday.

But it’s also the unusual: It’s been a long while since we’ve played a Saturday night show, and this is our ramp-up for our summer.

And, it’s my (Adam) birthday this week, and when the band asked what I wanted to do to celebrate 50 years, I said I just wanted to play piano and maybe have a beer in downtown Ogden–in other words, living the dream. Caryn got this on our schedule and the band made my dream come true. They also let me make up the whole setlist!*

We’d love to see you, this weekend or later this summer, late at night or the middle of the day. There’s more to come — including Tim’s birthday next month.

*That’s a funny band joke. I do all the setlists. It maintains my place in the band.

looking forward

After a lot of quiet, we’re looking forward to summer months with a lot of stuff filling our calendar already, both public and private events. And we’re really excited.

We have to wait until mid-April when press releases come out to advertise more details, but it’s not giving away too much to say that we get to play big public spaces outside. The word “headlining” is used in one of our contracts, which also provides for a “greenroom,” and one gig has a baby grand on site. It’s not Bonnaroo, but some of these are the biggest shows we’ve booked. Stay tuned for when we can reveal all secrets.

In spite of the details we can’t tell you about, we can say that after a couple of private events in April, we’ll be out in public at Lighthouse Lounge on Saturday, May 14. (Adam turns 50 that week, so this seems like the perfect way to celebrate.) And we’ll cap off the summer season with a return visit to Van Sessions in September.

Looking forward to what’s to come in 2022. For now, here’s a throwback to our last visit to the van in 2021:

Thanks to Banyan Collective’s Van Sessions for video and audio! Follow @VanSessions on social media and your favorite podcast app.

lighthouse love

In case you missed it, here’s some love from Lighthouse Lounge on Saturday night.

Thanks to Lighthouse Lounge for capturing us in their live IG feed (below).

This was the perfect return to the stage after a long time away. We’ll see you there again soon!

gig & release party

Well, that was fun.

On Friday night, good people from all over paid $5 to get in the door; they stayed and listened to music; they bought a few of our freshly pressed CDs; they clapped and sometimes whistled and even danced; and we all got to play music we love. The very welcoming Lighthouse folks worked the sound, heated up Caryn’s water for tea, and brought us beverages from whatever tap we requested. I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening.

We’re already looking forward to returning to Lighthouse on February 1.

group work

As we’ve been trying out brand new music and dusting off old stuff for 3-hour sets coming up, I’ve realized something: It’s way more fun to play with the band than to play by myself. And it sounds way better with everyone else, too. Sure, you should all clamor for my stylings of solo piano; but, frankly, something kind of magical happens when we get together. This is kind of funny to me now, because there was so much “group work” that many of us have done in school that was definitely not so magical. It’s remarkable when a collaboration actually turns out so well, and so far in my life I’d be hard pressed to find as good an example as playing in this band.

I wish I knew how to describe this. Bill Evans, who could play piano, solo or ensemble, like nobody else, suggested in his work with Miles Davis that playing with a group adds an additional dynamic:

Aside from the weighty technical problem of collective coherent thinking, there is the very human, even social need for sympathy from all members to bend for the common result.

Bill Evans on Kind of Blue

That “sympathy” isn’t just the caring about what comes out or even each other — though this is definitely part of it — but the listening to each other and seeing how all of those gears mesh together. I play better because three other people give me better ideas about how the song should go than what I have, even in the midst of playing something for the first or fortieth time. And, I’m responsible to hold up my end. We each support each other but also pull each other along, and we something more than the sum of the parts.

This is all to say that we get to do this more, in public, with a couple of long sets on back-to-back weekend nights. We’ve all been back-to-school and also fitting in rehearsals in the tangle of these last couple of weeks. Frankly, playing all weekend long sounds perfect.

This Friday, there’s a gig at the Lighthouse ($5, 21+) from 9-Midnight. We like the sound and the stage and the vibe there, and we’re happy to go back. (We’ll be back there in December, too.) And then, Saturday, we are playing the easy-going outdoor porch of UTOG Brewing from 7:30 – 10:30p. Hope to see you at either, or both.