summer anticipation

“Glissando” doesn’t sound like it should hurt so much.

We can’t tell you just how excited we are about summer. Adam’s practicing so hard he hurt himself on the keys. But it’s worth it: We’re getting ready for fun gigs that are lining up for the next few months.

We wanted to share some of this and our excitement, reaching all the way out into September when we play at Ogden Nature Center’s Wildwoods Bash on Sept. 9, as well as Van Sessions the week before, Sept. 2.

On this side of summer season, we’re returning to Lighthouse Lounge on May 14 and UTOG on June 21.

And in the middle of it all, we get to play two amphitheaters for free public shows, July 24 for Davis Arts at the Layton Amphitheater and August 8 for North Ogden’s Music Mondays at their amphitheater. Our contracts for those shows includes terms like “headlining” and “green room” and even a grand piano on the Davis stage. We also get to play Ogden’s Farmers Market on August 27–no green room or grand piano, but festive all the same.

And there’s other stuff, private events and stuff yet to be confirmed and things we’re scheming. Keep up with our gig calendar and we’ll post announcements here as well. For now, we hope you can join us at Lighthouse in a few weeks as a preview to summer and lots more music to come. After a rough winter, we’re really looking forward to it!

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