grand prix

We’re back at the Compass Rose in Huntsville this weekend, playing from Noon to 3:00 on Saturday, May 20. Unlike our Apres Ski events, this gig will feature warm weather and sunny skies! We’re playing along the street to catch the festivities of Huntsville’s Grand Prix, the annual event featuring Cyclekarting, “a caricature of a pre-world war II vintage car” according to the good people hosting the event. While we’re there, we’ll also take in the grand openings of two new art galleries, the Gold Rush Art Gallery & Green Haus Art Co. in downtown Huntsville.

One thing to note: This is the same weekend as the Ogden Marathon, so Ogden Canyon will be closed much of the day. We’ll be getting there early via Trapper’s Loop, ourselves.

Hope to see you there! (If you’re not, we expect you’re running the marathon.)

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