mark your calendars!

Our summer has ramped up and we’re hitting an especially busy few weeks, including our big amphitheater shows that are free and all-ages! This includes:

And then there’s other stuff in September when we hope it gets cooler, including Van Sessions, Monarch Market, and Lighthouse Lounge! Stay tuned here and tune in to the gigs calendar to see what’s coming up.

Over the past months, we’ve had a couple private performances for celebrations of all sorts, as well as a full patio at UTOG where we tested out more live recording, like this:

And Caryn and Adam went underground last week for this Ogdenite Speakeasy celebration of art, music, and poetry:

Captured by Just James. See all these amazing photos here.

Hope to see you out on the town this month! Let us know if you’ve got other places you want to see us — preferably shady backyards and patios!

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