return to Jazz at the Station

Tonight (Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021) we return to the grand lobby of Union Station here in Ogden to play Jazz at the Station. We love the venue and the vibe here, a giant room where the sound seems to hang in the space forever and the fun Ogden tradition of monthly jazz music that we’re honored to be a part of.

Here’s the details promoted by Jazz at the Station’s Facebook page. Or, if you just write stuff down in the old fashioned way: 7:00 – 8:00 PM, Ogden’s Union Station; free, all ages. If you haven’t been before, it’s an easy way to take in music without staying up too late or forking out a lot of money — although tips for the band and donations to the Station program are always welcome!

Union Station at night

This is kind of a big deal, and not just because we’ve invited a special guest to sit in with us. The last time we played live at the station was March 11, 2020, and while we were playing there were big developments with Covid-19 outbreaks suddenly hitting home. The next night public venues were no longer open to events, schools would close a few days later, and life as we knew it was suddenly upended. But in that moment of an hour we were playing music and having a really, really good time. Now we look back on that as the “before” time. It will be really good to be back in that space.

This also kind of marks the end of our summer season. After a long list of gigs we’re now wrapping up the calendar that had looked so full for so long. Now we’ll start re-booting, working on other projects and collecting new gigs for the winter. Stay tuned; or, better yet, let us know if we can play your wedding or new years event or spring festival.

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