Ogden Pride

We had a really fun time playing Ogden Pride. We enjoyed everything from the love, joy, and rainbows all around the festival to our deluxe green room backstage.

But our favorite part was being onstage for an hour, playing songs about the blue skies and love.

Thanks to Mark Seawell for the photo! Ian is back there at the drums, we promise.

It was especially great as we looked out to see people singing along, knowing all the words, even all the verses of Come Together and I Will Survive. I swear I even saw someone singing along to Blue Skies, one of our more obscure jazz standards. We didn’t think it could get any better until we looked up to see the dancing:

Thanks to Karyn Johnston for capturing this.

Already looking forward to playing at the Ogden Amphitheater and for Ogden Pride again!

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