album release anniversary

A year ago we released an album and had a celebratory live gig at Lighthouse. That was a really, really good time.

We’ll be back out there someday. But right now we really, really miss making music in our natural habitat, the closed-in, cramped spaces of basements and studios, stages and bars.

(A song about missing things, just for the occasion.)

It so happens that we just changed our distributor for the album as we approached the one-year anniversary, so all the tracks got re-launched into your music streaming orbitals, though you probably don’t notice at all. (It’s like getting a new timing belt on your car–you know it must be working better but the car still runs the same as far as you can tell.) If you can’t find something, we’ve updated the links on our music page. You can just imagine everything with a fresh new scent, cobwebs and such all dusted off. Feel free to give them a few extra plays to make them feel loved. Better yet, download the music for keeps or drop me a line and I can send you a real-life CD.

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