virtual & physical

There’s not a lot of news to report these days. We keep to ourselves in our 4 separate units, keeping in touch in all the ways that people do, emailing and texting and Zooming to connect with each other and figure out how to share and play music when we’re only connected by long wires and radio waves.

This gives us a little bit of a chance to experiment with new ideas. We talk a lot about how to remove hiss from a microphone recording and how to synchronize tracks we’re all working on individually. So, there’s new music we each get to work on and some potential new ways to share stuff and connect with the world virtually.

Along those lines, Spotify just gave us a way to setup our profile and establish more of a presence on that platform, which is fun to see, in addition to our place on Apple Music. Take a look and add us to playlists to share with friends.

In the more real, physical world, we have 500 really great, holdable and present new business cards. For the time being, one of them is making a great bookmark until these have a chance to come along with us to gigs in person.

Business card as bookmark.
S&S custom bookmark in Adam’s reading on science teaching. Best of all worlds.

Until then, stay tuned for side projects and other updates. Be well and take care!

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