consignment store sessions

Next week we get to play along with The Proper Way at Funk N Dive in Ogden. It’s one of those late night $5 cover gigs for us — the “big time,” as they say. (Details here.)

But sometimes we play consignment stores, too. Not just any old consignment store, mind you, but the big lofty ones in historic districts while the rain is pouring down outside. Brigham City had us playing for their final farmer’s market of the season, but Mother Nature made sure to sweep in with a tumultuous cold front. Not a problem: just move with the market into the expanse of space whose wood floors supported old couches and bar stools, artwork on the wall and an old organ under the staircase.

That staircase led up to a loft that overlooked everything, facing the street and keeping sentry on all those who would come and go: vendors, tomato buyers, some enthusiastic dancers, and a few high schoolers dressed up and on their way to homecoming dance. Best of all, it sounded great from that elevated stage. We’ve played fancy platforms with sound boards and monitors, and they didn’t compare to the space behind the banister and up against the antique ceiling.

Caryn introduced the gig, inviting people to come out with a call to Facebook and uttering the phrase I’ll cherish forever. “We’re going to serenade the crap out of this consignment store,” she proclaimed. And she was right. We all had a good time, and we went home with fresh bread and tomatoes.

One of our favorite jams.

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