all is not lost

We’re fans of The Proper Way for many reasons. We’ve gotten to record in their studio and we love getting a chance to see them on a stage. They’re fantastic musicians and good people, an asset to the Ogden music scene.

And, they have an album out today. Ian plays drums on the record, so we like it that much more. You should give it a listen. Better yet, buy it.

studio sessions

There’s a lot going on this month for us, but most of it isn’t out in public. We’ve hunkered down in preparation for things to come, and most recently we went back into The Proper Way‘s studio and recorded more tracks with Scott Rogers pushing all the sounds through the wires and into his big stack of boxes to make waveforms on the computer. Someday, soon, we hope we’ll have these all tied up with bows and loaded onto other formats so that you won’t just have to look at pictures of us making and listening to our own music — you’ll get to hear it, too.