Here’s a calendar of confirmed upcoming shows, along with posts with specific details for gigs we have coming up. You can find more updates on the blog and on social media outlets like our Facebook page. You can also subscribe to these blog posts and our newsletter.

  • “local jazzy favorites”

    Our gig calendar has been packed lately, ranging from guest spots on our favorite podcast to a big gala to late-night bars gigs. Tomorrow we happen to be playing two different gigs–five hours of music!–including the Monarch Market that gave us this quick plug in the local paper. We’re promoted as “local jazzy favorites,” a … Continue reading “local jazzy favorites”

  • Ogden Pride

    We had a really fun time playing Ogden Pride. We enjoyed everything from the love, joy, and rainbows all around the festival to our deluxe green room backstage. But our favorite part was being onstage for an hour, playing songs about the blue skies and love. It was especially great as we looked out to … Continue reading Ogden Pride

  • August lineup

    We’ve been rehearsing and getting ready for a busy August! This includes: Ogden Pride festival: Sunday, August 1. We’re on stage from 4-5p at the Ogden Amphitheater. See for details and lineup as it’s announced. Ogden Eccles Art Center Summer Art Fair, August 14 (11-Noon) and August 28 (Noon-1:00). See for event details … Continue reading August lineup

Older gig entires …